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Attesa Maternity is a brand of maternity clothing dedicated to expectant mothers.

Quality clothing that combines dressing needs during pregnancy with careful attention to the choice of materials, the latest fashion design and the pride of being Made in Italy. An innovative and unique style that caresses and enhances the curves of motherhood.
Collections of maternity clothes and trousers are created that are ideal for the office and working events, elegant outfits for special occasions and casual outfits that are fun to wear throughout pregnancy.

All Attesa Maternity garments are designed to follow the natural evolution of the body: this is why maternity jeans and trousers have elastic basques that support the tummy loosely; T-shirts and clothes, on the other hand, use patterns with soft lines and the skilful use of volumes.
You can wear clothes from the Attesa Maternity collection throughout pregnancy and even during the post-partum period, until you return your usual size.
Finding your way with your new shape will not be a problem thanks to the practical size guide.