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Trousers & Leggings

Trousers have always been a favourite item of clothing for all women and are as crucial as ever during pregnancy.

Attesa Maternity has designed a line of maternity trousers and jeans in numerous styles and fabrics to suit every need.

For the more casual and sporty look, Attesa Maternity has created its own jeans: from styles in super-stretch denim to classic 5-pocket jeans, these are the items that best satisfy the demand for practicality that is a characteristic requirement of all expectant mothers.

A natural form of support that follows the development of the tummy throughout the nine-month pregnancy period is the distinguishing characteristic of these maternity items: a comfortable internal band of elastic or a clever inner yoke in the hipster styles hides an elastic casing that allows you to tighten or widen the waistline according to your needs.

These trousers can be worn all day, are practical for the office or for work in general and can be dressed up for a more formal or evening look in combination with a maternity top or shirt; in short, Attesa Maternity trousers are every modern and stylish expectant mother’s must-have item of clothing.

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