#2 On Garda Lake

#2 On Garda Lake

Evergreen designs and season's trends

Pregnancy has never been so fabulous: pretty and modern in the daytime, smooth and chic after dinner, comfortable and smart on weekends out

In the story #2, comfort and trends fuse together in magnificent items and become loyal allies offering the most suitable models for each moment of the day from casual but refined outfits for the daytime to elegant and chic ones for the nighttime. Evergreen prints - like the checked and floral ones - and innovative - like the animal ones - together with the coldest colours accompanied us for all the first weeks of the fall season.

The main news are about jeans, with frayed or fringed hem or special applications, and in the wide range of models that extends from the traditional ones - skinny and straight - to the most traditional - bell-bottom and cropped. Without forgetting all trousers and jeans are provided with an adjustable elastic waistband which perfectly fits during the pregnancy, and with a soft cotton jersey band which gives support and follows the natural growth of the bump. 

The story is completed by pretty blouses and cardigans for creating casual looks, and midi dresses: pleated for elegant and refined events, checked and adorned with belts with balls for informal occasions.

#2 On Garda Lake
#2 On Garda Lake

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