Sorbet Supernova

Sorbet Supernova

A romantic and bon ton style for the future mum

An explosion of colours has conquered the maternity wear creating Sorbet Supernova, the story #3 in the pursuit of the innovation and romanticism.

A eulogy to the cheerful femininity, to the joy of life, to the happiness to be a mum.
Soft fabrics that underline the curves of the pregnancy alternate stretcher fits in order to highlight the silhouette with elegance and sophistication. An intense collection of different lengths dresses accompanies everyday outfits, such as blouses, tops and trousers that are embellished with ruches, applications and ruffles in the Spring Summer ‘19’s must-have patterns.
Nuances and fabrics fuse together in a creation mix with cheerful and bright shades for making you shine like a Supernova.


Moda Premaman Colori Pastello

Long Dress with Flounce (cod. 0125)
Maternity Dress with Back Flounce (cod. 0129)

Moda Premaman Collezione Fiori

3/4 Sleeve Blouse (cod. 4495)
Floral Printed Trousers (cod. 2231)
Dress with Bow (cod. 0121)

Abbigliamento Premaman Primavera Estate

Polka Dot Dress with Elastic Waist (cod. 0140)
Top (cod. 4785)
Trousers in Pique (cod. 2231)

How wearing sorbet colours

Matching the colours of the spring is easier than you think: the secret is to ration them in the right way.
You can play with contrasts, matching a sorbet colour with stronger shades, or opting for juxtaposition with the colour white, for a sophisticated and romantic look that is suitable also for more casual outfits.
If you cannot give up on black, especially at night, choose to match total-black accessories to your favourite colour maternity dress: a little stratagem that will shine your face... like a new star!


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