Size Guide to measure maternity shapes

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Understanding how to choose for your new shape is easier than you think!

BUY YOUR USUAL SIZE (the one you wore before pregnancy)

Your size before pregnancy it will always be the starting point for choosing your present size.
If your body shape has not changed significantly and you have only gained a ‘bump’ and a little around the hips in a balanced and proportionate way, you will not probably need to choose a different size. On the other hand, if, in general, your body shape has changed a lot, your size will also change.
Consulting the tables in our size guide will be the easiest and quickest way to be sure of choosing the right size. 

Measure your bust, hips and inside leg

With a tailor’s tape measure as shown in the picture

a) - Bust
This is the measurement of the circumferemnce of your bust.
Take the measurement from under your arms whilst wearing a bra

b) - Hips
Measure the circumference of your hips at the broadest point.

c) - Inner leg
This is the measurement that starts from the crotch to the floor, taken in bare feet.
Our items of clothing our made for an inside leg of up to a maximum of 84 cm.


Identify your size
Look for the corresponding size in the tables shown below.


XXS 38 34 6 36 2
XS 40 36 8 38 4
S 42 38 10 40 6
M 44 40 12 42 8
L 46 42 14 44 10
XL 48 44 16 46 12
XXL 50 46 18 48 14




  b - Hips c - Inside Leg Tights
XXS 88-92 84  
XS 92-96 84  
S 96-100 84 II
M 100-104 84 III
L 104-108 84 IV
XL 108-112 84 V
XXL 112-116 84  


  a - Bust b - Hips
XS 88-92 92-96
S 92-96 96-100
M 96-100 100-104
L 100-104 104-108
XL 104-108 108-112
XXL 108-112 112-116


All items of clothing by Attesa Maternity are designed to adapt naturally to changes in your body shape through the use of quality elasticated fabrics. For this reason, you can wear them during the entire nine months of pregnancy and even after, in the post-partum period, until you have regained your usual body shape.


Adjustable trousers


All trousers and jeans by Attesa Maternity support your tummy thanks to a comfortable elastic panel that hugs the tummy and gently follows its natural development during the whole nine months of pregnancy.

In models with a low waist and in the jeans, there is a yoke insert in stretch cotton jersey and practical elastic drawstring that allows you to tighten or widen the waist line in accordance with your real-life needs. In the trousers in stretch knit or in bengaline, the drawstring is at the top of the elastic yoke and allows you to tighten the trousers as you wish.

Whichever style you choose, you will be able to wear your trousers for the entire nine-month pregnancy period and even afterwards and feel confident of a perfect fit and maximum comfort.




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