History, How a collection of maternity wear

Attesa Maternity creates collections that enhance the beauty and elegance of women during pregnancy. Our maternity wear and accessories are carefully designed with style and detail in mind; clothes for expectant mothers with a modern and casual cut that are suitable for work and special occasions as well as jeans and sporty, up-to-the minute clothes for everyday use.

Attesa Maternity has always focussed on creating collections that enhance the beauty and elegance of women during pregnancy and in doing so, chooses select materials, cutting-edge design and proudly ‘Made in Italy’ tailoring skills.
This is the philosophy that has underpinned Vittorio Martinelli’s creations since 1989, when he took on the legacy of his father Nicola, the renowned tailor in the Milan of the 1950s, and created Attesa Maternity, today a leading brand in maternity wear with products available across the whole of Italy and internationally throughout Europe, the United States and Asia.
Alongside the tailoring skills passed on to him by his father, Vittorio has also infused his work with a great respect for the female world: Attesa Maternity’s close-knit team of designers create personalised, trendy designs that meet the need for quality and comfort of expectant mothers, enhancing the feminine charm of motherhood

This is how innovative lines of maternity wear are created, combining comfort with the added bonus of style: a complete collection to meet every need, from formal clothing for work to the elegant dress for a gala event, and from jeans to casual maternity wear with a comfortable cut and modern elegance for everyday use.

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